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Working in Partnership with Parents



Being a registered childminder involves sharing responsibilities with the children in my care and their families.

As a parent / carer you know your child best and I will listen to your advice.


A written contract with parents will be drawn up when parents / carers and children come round for a preliminary visit. The contract sets out the expectations of both parties as to the care of the child, activities provided and business arrangements.


I believe all children are equal and any religious beliefs will be respected.


Communication between parents / carers and the childminder is vital when working with children, I hope that we will be able to share any concerns or questions that may arise.


I keep up to date learning journals for any children under 5 to track and monitor progress against the early years framework


Please let me know of any family special occasions or birthdays so that your child can make a special card to present.




Inspection Report

"Gemma's relationship with parents are very good due to her friendly, business-like approach and informative parents booklet."


Gems Childcare

Professional Childminder - Stevenage, Hertfordshire