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The safety of children in my care is paramount. I ensure that hazards are reduced or eliminated where possible.


The following precautions are in place:


  • All plug sockets are covered with safety caps 
  • Children's arrival and departure times will be recorded
  • Gates are on the doors between the playroom, hallway and kitchen  
  • Children are not allowed in the kitchen when I am cooking or making hot drinks 
  • Sharp objects are kept out of reach of children  
  • All doors in the kitchen are fitted with safety locks  
  • All outside doors are kept locked whilst I am childminding; keys are kept on a hook, high up next to each door
  • A correctly stocked first aid box is available at all times
  • If a child requires specific medicine given by the parent / carer, the parent / carer will be consulted first.
  • A fire blanket is kept in the kitchen
  • Smoke alarms are fitted throughout the house and tested regularly
  • Children will not be allowed to leave the house unless attended by myself.

Gems Childcare

Professional Childminder - Stevenage, Hertfordshire