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As a childcare provider I will not discriminate against any child or family because of gender, racial origins, cultural or social background or disability.

I give all children in my care the opportunity to reach their full potential. Sometimes this means adapting an activity to the child’s ability and stage of development, providing additional resources or giving one child more attention and support than others during a particular activity or routine.

No child in my care will be discriminated against in any way, whether for their skin colour, culture, gender, ability or religion. I will challenge any remarks that I feel are inappropriate.

I encourage the children in my care to learn more about their own culture and to find out about the culture and religions of other children. We do in this in a fun way through sharing books, colouring sheets, cooking and eating food from around the world and celebrating special festivals.


I have developed a number of policies and procedures which I follow covering various areas areas, one of which specifically covers inclusion, these will be available for your review upon your initial visit.


Gems Childcare

Professional Childminder - Stevenage, Hertfordshire