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A good balanced diet is vital for children to develop healthily along with fresh air and regular exercise.

It is my policy that when children are provided with meals, snacks and drinks, in my setting these should be healthy, balanced and nutritious.

I am also very happy to support you if you are weaning your baby from liquid to solid foods and can discuss this at the relevant time.


To ensure the best possible care of your child whilst in my care during snack or lunch time, I will:

  • obtain, record and act on information from parents about a child’s dietary requirements.

  • provide chilled storage for packed lunches and appropriate storage areas for other foodstuffs for parents providing meals for their children to eat in my setting 

  • provide clean and age appropriate crockery and cutlery to enable the children to eat a packed lunch.

  • provide children with healthy snacks and drinks as appropriate throughout the day

  • Ensure fresh drinking water is available at all times


Gems Childcare

Professional Childminder - Stevenage, Hertfordshire