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I hope that you are happy with the service that I provide, however if ever the case arises where you feel I am not offering you and your child(ren) the service that you require, I hope that you will feel able to discuss any concerns or issues that you may have with me directly. If you would rather not talk in front of your child(ren) then we can arrange a more convenient time, for example in the evening or at the weekend.

It is a requirement by Ofsted that all complaints are logged along with the outcome and any action taken. These records must be available to show an Ofsted Childcare Inspector if required.

If you feel that you are unable to talk to me or that after talking the matter remains unresolved then you can talk in confidence to:

The National Childminding Association on 0208 464 6164


The Early Years Childminding Team on 0208 464 9037

If you wish to make a formal complaint then you can contact the Ofsted Complaints and Investigation Unit on 0845 640 40 40



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