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Behaviour Management


Promoting positive behaviour is very important and I do this by:

  • Giving lots of praise for good behaviour
  • Giving the children individual attention so they feel valued
  • Setting a good example, being a good role model
  • Listening to what the children have to say
  • Rewarding good behaviour (choosing next activity etc)
  • Giving children certificates for good behaviour, sharing etc.

I help the children understand my house rules, which are realistic and I am consistent in the enforcing of them. I do not give out confusing signals, saying 'no' means 'no'.

I am aware of the different reasons why children misbehave and will endeavour to keep to routines so that your child feels safe and is not over tired or hungry.

I will never smack, shake or hurt your child and will never humiliate your child. If a child misbehaves I will let you know by either writing it in their contact book or by ringing you later after collection. I will also inform you of how the matter was dealt with.  


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Professional Childminder - Stevenage, Hertfordshire